Siargao Island - Cloud 9 Philippines

Siargao Island is situated off the north-east tip of Mindanao Island, Philippines (approx. 10 degrees above the equator). It has an area of 480 sq. kms and boasts a Pacific-facing coastline of about 35 kms. Along this coastline there are numerous surf breaks and countless pristine, white sand beaches - a true tropical paradise Cloud 9 Philippines.

Cloud 9 Philippines surf break was originally called “Boyum’s” after surf explorer Mike Boyum who spent time on Siargao Island in the late 1980’s and, unfortunately, died in the vicinity of Cloud 9 after a lengthy fast. The name was changed to “Cloud 9” by photographer/journalist John S. Callahan in 1992, primarily named after the candy bar called Cloud 9. Callahan visited Siargao Island in 1992 with Taylor Knox and Evan Slater, and together with Kevin Davidson they scored some epic waves at the now famous Cloud 9 surf break.